Time of the Fall: WWE Live from Tokyo: The Beast in the East


  • Chris Jericho defeated Neville (16:19)
  • WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella defeated Tamina Snuka and Paige in a Triple Threat Match (7:03)
  • Brock Lesnar defeated Kofi Kingston (2:38)
  • Finn Balor defeated NXT Champion Kevin Owens (19:26)
  • John Cena and Dolph Ziggler defeated Kane and King Barrett (23:51)

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first WWE Live special aired on the WWE Network to air from an international arena; the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo Japan. The show was centered around two main attractions: 1) The first in-ring match of Brock Lesnar since WrestleMania 31; 2) NXT Championship match between Kevin Owens and Finn Balor, in which his Demon side is prominently promoted.

The show had two good matches, one alright match that was hurt by a couple of factors, and two matches that were a subpar.  The two good matches, Jericho vs Neville, and Balor vs Owens really brought the house down.  Jericho vs Neville was a great pick to fire up the crowd just based upon the guys involved. And their workrate did not disappoint.  Not only that, but it is nice to see Jericho pull out the Liontamer submission hold.

The other match was probably the match of the night.  The story is that Balor has returned to his home away from home, while Owens was going into the match to play the role of spoiler.  It was power vs speed.  Both men pulled moves out of their movesets, and Owens pulled out the five moves of doom.  Putting the title on Balor gives us fresh feuds to go for.  Taking the title off Owens gives us more suspicion as to whether or not the United States Championship will change hands at Battleground.

Speaking of the United States Championship, the main event tag match suffered from so much.  Four men that have no current connection with each other, the match went almost 24 minutes, and the crowd had all the energy sucked out of them after an amazing championship match.  Sure, the match was advertised as a local main event, but with the hype that the other matches were getting, I would have been a little more happier with the tag match going on in the middle.

Lesnar vs Kingston was a squash.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Normal fare from Lesnar with his complete destruction of The New Day after the match.  And we’ll see him on Monday, so I hope we’ll get to see some of the fallout from this with maybe a gang-up attack from the New Day on Lesnar.

The Diva’s Championship match was just there.  I would have preferred a title change here as well, especially with Nikki Bella suffering from a minor injury…ok, maybe I would just like to get the title off of Nikki.  It’s as if WWE wants to get itself a new reigning Diva’s champion to replace AJ Lee.  Even though I have a biased, it’s usually never a good sign when WWE starts ticking off the days of a champions reign.  Usually means that it’s numbered (except in the case of CM Punk where it was used as a motivation for his character).

One more thing about this show; it embraced some of the heritage of Japanese wrestling when it comes to the championship pre-match ceremonies, as well as WWE’s continual acknowledgement of their employee’s past accomplishments.  It shows that WWE is moving on and evolving.  Where this goes from here, we can only speculate.  For now, we have Battleground, and Summerslam weekend coming up.  And I, as well as you, will most likely be glued to our TV sets and computer screens to follow up on our favorite superstars.

Thank you for reading ladies and gentlemen.  I have been the Baumeister, and I’ll catch you all later.


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