NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn Breakdown

NTX Takeover Brooklyn

Ladies and gentlemen, I am the Baumeister.  NXT Takeover: Brooklyn is shaping up to be one heck of a card.  And I’m going to take a look at each and every match on the card and break it down.  So, without too much waiting, let’s move right on in to the breakdown.


NXT Championship Ladder Match: Finn Balor [7th Champion, 1st Defense] (3-0) vs Kevin Owens (2-0-1)

Owens wants the NXT Championship back, and will do whatever he needs to in order to win. During the contract signing, which devolved into a brawl, Owens pushed NXT General Manager William Regal down.  Through footage that was aired the next week, Owens apologized, but Regal was shown on camera afterwards that he hoped that Owens would lose.  The week after that, during a sit-down interview with Michael Cole, he requested that the match be made into a ladder match, which will be free of any outside interference on Regal’s part.

Now, that being said.  The ladder match is Owen’s match.  Sure, he hasn’t had a Ladder Match in a WWE or NXT ring before, but he has had brutal matches, including one particularly brutal match with El Generico.  That being said, Balor is a man that has something to prove.  And that’s he’s going to be a fighting champion.  I’m going to go with Balor here to climb the ladder and pull down the NXT Championship.


NXT Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks [3rd Champion, 5th Defense] (2-1) vs Bayley (1-2)

It’s do or die time for Bayley.  After her injury at the hands of Emma, Bayley has been determined to become the NXT Women’s Champion, first by beating Emma, then challenging and defeating Charlotte.  Finally, she gets her opportunity by defeating Becky Lynch two episodes ago.  On last week’s episode, Banks went and essentially disrespected Bayley, which leads to Bayley taking out Banks.

I see this as a way to finally crown Bayley. I for one am firmly behind the sweet girl with the ponytail and hairbands.  I think that she is becoming a great role-model for all of the younger girls in the crowd.  This will also serve as a way to take the NXT Women’s Championship off of Banks so that she can focus on being a part of the Divas Revolution.


NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Blake and Murphy with Alexa Bliss [6th Champions, 4th Defense] (Blake: 2-0; Murphy: 2-0) vs Vaudevillians (Aiden English: 0-1; Simon Gotch: 0-1)

This is the second opportunity for The Vaudevillains for the NXT Tag Team Championship.  The first time, the match ended with the Tag Champs coming out on top thanks to some interference by Alexa Bliss.  Since then, it’s been more a battle between the preppy, yet bitchy cheerleader against the theater nerds. In their last two encounters, the Vaudevillains have been slapped by Banks.  In a backstage segment, Regal encouraged the Vaudevillains to find an extra someone to counteract Bliss.  We almost got that announcement this past Wednesday, if it wasn’t for the duel pair of slaps coming from Bliss.

The big question is: Do the Vaudevillains have a counter to Bliss’ presence?  The answer will be revealed on Saturday.  My gut is telling me that we are going to get someone, but a matter of when that will happen is a different story.  Will whoever it is walk down with them, or come out of the crowd? Either way, I can see The Vaudevillains walking out the new Tag Team Champions.


A Legend Makes His Debut: Jushin “Thunder” Liger (Debut) vs Tyler Breeze (1-3-1)

Breeze has been a thorn in Regal’s side for the last few weeks.  Trying to get a big match on the biggest show of NXT’s history, and finally, Breeze got his wish.  Two weeks, Regal comes down after Breeze’s match, and announces that his opponent will be the Japanese Legend, Liger.  Breeze has gone on to proclaim what he is going to do to Liger by hitting his opponent last week (after masking him) with a Beauty Shot.

This has to be, by far, the biggest match of Breeze’s career.  Bigger than his previous championship matches.  This is also going to be a milestone match for the Japanese Legend.  His first match in a WWE ring.  That being said, will the crowd boo Liger? Or will Liger’s star power be too much to overpower the love NXT has for Breeze? Though I wouldn’t put it past the WWE to give Breeze the rub, I’m going to go with Liger picking up the victory.


Samoa Joe (Debut) vs Baron Corbin (4-0)

Baron Corbin has become somewhat of a hated individual around here.  He’s taken a “better than you” attitude in the past few weeks. On the other hand, we got the Samoan Submission Machine rolling over opponent after opponent.  At one point, we get Corbin taking out two guys at once and bragging about that fact.  He also claims that no one in the NXT Locker Room can defeat him.  Out comes Samoa Joe, in which Joe ends the confrontation after choking Corbin out with the Coquina Clutch.  The next week, Corbin gets his revenge with the End of Days.

This match is not going to be pretty. Both men are pretty heavy hitters, and Joe is a little more agile than Corbin.  But with all that, Joe has the experience advantage.  And this might be the show that Corbin finally gets his comeuppance. I’m going with Joe via tapout.


Apollo Crews (Debut) vs Tye Dillinger

This is going to be another one of those debut matches in which this will be a match to showcase the debuting wrestler.  Even though Dillinger is entertaining enough, I will still go with Crews to dominate here.

There you have it.  My analysis and predictions for NXT Takeover: Brooklyn.  I’ll be back soon with my breakdown of SummerSlam. Until next time.


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