WWE SummerSlam 2015 Breakdown


Ladies and gentlemen, I am the Baumeister.  SummerSlam is hitting the big 27 with this year (it’s really weird that SummerSlam is only a couple of months younger than me).  I’m going to break down each of the announced matches and make my predictions as to who is going to win.  So, let’s dive right on into the breakdown.


The Rematch 16 months in the Making: Brock Lesnar with Paul Heyman (4-1) vs Undertaker (10-5)

Well, it’s a battle of the two major part-time players.  It’s been a couple of years since we’ve gotten Undertaker in more than one match a year.  And it’s been seven years since the man with the most wins is going to participate at SummerSlam.  Undertaker is looking for revenge for Lesnar breaking the streak, and him at WrestleMania XXX.  Taker has been completely gung-ho about getting his revenge, from taking out Lesnar at Battleground to the brawl the next day at RAW.

This is looking like this is going in the directions that all of the Lesnar matches are going into.  Either Lesnar comes in and destroys his opponent, or something happens that interrupts the match.  I’m going with Lesnar coming in and taking Undertaker to Suplex City.


Winner Take All Match: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins [121st Champion, 8th Defense] (1-0) vs WWE United States Champion John Cena [45th Champion, 15th Defense] (4-7)

After his match with Lesnar, Rollins was walking around all high and mighty, but without an opponent going into SummerSlam.  Then, Cena comes in and stands up to Rollins.  Figured this was going to be the same old Cena storyline, but then came the twist.  Rollins broke Cena’s nose in their match four weeks ago.  Since then, Rollins has become even more cockier, and bringing up the incident over and over again.  This past Monday, Cena lets loose a verbal tirade into the World Champion.  This sets the stage for the first champion vs champion match with the stakes on the line since the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Unification Match.

Cena might have a little bit of ring rust after being out with four weeks.  However, with the match stakes going up through the roof with one competitor coming out with two separate championships, the match finish is going to be rather murky.  I don’t see either championship changing hands (including the rumored cash-in that a lot of people are looking for), and Cena is going to win by Disqualification. 


The Triple Threat We Should Have Had a Month Ago: WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback  [153rd Champion, 2nd Defense] (0-1) vs The Miz (1-2) vs The Big Show (4-1)

A match that should have happened at Battleground is now here.  The biggest beef is between Ryback and Big Show, and Miz just happened to have been thrown in the mix due to him getting into the middle of their disagreements on an episode of Miz TV.  But just before the match at Battleground, Ryback went down with a severe staph infection in his knee.  And even since then, Miz and Big Show have been going back and forth with each other verbally within the last month or so, with Big Show coming out on top of the physical interactions with each other.  Until Ryback came back.  Now The Big Guy is hungry for competition.

I really don’t know why Miz is in this match.  Ryback vs Big Show is fine enough on its own.  Despite this, I have a strange, sinking feeling that Miz is going to win the match, probably after the two bigger men take each other out with something big.


WWE Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way: Primetime Players [55th Champions, 2nd Defense] (Young: 0-2; O’Neil: 0-1) vs New Day (Woods: Debut; Kingston: 2-1-1; Big E: 0-1) vs Los Matadores  (Diego: Debut; Fernando: Debut) vs Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara: Debut; Kalisto: Debut)

This has all been going on since the Elimination Chamber, and the first Tag Team Elimination Chamber match.  At Money in the Bank, Primetime Players won the title from New Day. And ever since Battleground, all four of these teams have been competitive against each other ever since, with each team trading wins over each other.

The two strongest teams out of these four are the Primetime Players and The New Day.  Let’s not kid ourselves here.  Los Matadores, since their debut in 2013, have been quite the flop since donning the masks.  Lucha Dragons, though former NXT Tag Team Champions, don’t seem to have quite the momentum the other two teams do.  Also, with the rules (currently posted as this is written), are standard Fatal-4 Way Rules.  The match type really favors anyone in the match, but the Primetime Players are going to retain the titles.


The Divas Revolution Elimination Match: Team Bella (Brie Bella: 0-2; Nikki Bella: Debut; Alicia Fox: 0-1) vs Team PCB (Paige: 1-0; Charlotte: Debut; Becky Lynch: Debut) vs Team BAD (Naomi: Debut; Tamina: Debut; Sasha Banks: Debut)

The Divas Revolution began the week the Monday before Battleground.  Before that, it was just Paige against Team Bella, which Paige consistently coming up on the losing end of the confrontations.  Then, Stephanie McMahon appears in the ring and announces that Team Bella have been dominating for far too long, and there needs to be a change.  She then calls up Charlotte and Becky Lynch to join Paige.  Naomi and Tamina come out and wonder if they are going to get to join the party, in which they are joined by Sasha Banks.  Since then, they put on these good matches (for main roster standards) and continue to roll on towards this Elimination Match.

Straight out, I’m going with Team PCB.  They have the most talent, and out of the three available teams, they are my favorite.  Meanwhile, I have a very deep rooted feeling that Team Bella will win this, only because it’s going to show the dominance of WWE’s chosen Diva (Nikki Bella).


All in the Family: Luke Harper(Debut) and Bray Wyatt (2-0) vs Dean Ambrose (0-2) and Roman Reigns (1-0)

These two teams have been facing each other ever since their days as trios with Seth Rollins and Erick Rowan on either side.  Lately, it’s been Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns with their own little feud.  The phrase “Anyone but you” comes up constantly through the promos of Bray Wyatt.  Recently, Harper has come back into the Wyatt fold, and has been instrumental in the battle against Ambrose and Reigns.  But, Reigns and Ambrose have been coming out on top of the physical confrontations lately.

There’s not much to say about this match.  I’d rather see a different match that could have involved just Harper and Ambrose.  That would have been a better idea.  But I’m not the match maker.  I’m just not that enthused for this match. That being said, I’d love to see the Wyatt Family win here.


Potential Show-Stealer: Cesaro (1-1) vs Owens (Debut)

This summer, these two men have been coming to blows, usually over the United States Championship.  They’ve both been contenders to the title, Owens on PPV; Cesaro during the US Open Challenge.  Since Battleground, and Cena moving on (and getting taken out) to the bigger picture, these two have turned on to each other.  Owens seems to get the upperhand on Cesaro due to various sneak attack.  Cesaro, however, manages to hold his own each time.

This match, as stated above, has a good chance of stealing the show (as well as the Divas match).  Each of these men are workhorses, and they have been putting on some main event caliber matches with Cena.  I’m going with Cesaro here.  Mainly because I’m a Cesaro guy.


Hollywood Tie-In: Stephen Amell (Debut) and Neville (Debut) vs King Barrett (1-1) and Stardust (1-1)

This is mainly between Neville and the opposing team.  Neville has been feuding off and on with King Barrett, ever since the King of the Ring.  Meanwhile, Stardust had started up a Twitter war with Amell.  Here recently, Neville and Stardust have began a feud, in which they both have become comic-book like characters feuding against each other.  Amell has been on RAW a couple of times since starting his Twitter war with Stardust.  Nothing much of note happened during the first confrontation, but the second one, Stardust got a little hands on with Amell, and Amell retaliated by jumping the barricade and getting into the ring.  Triple H confronted him afterwards, saying that he couldn’t do that.  Amell responds that he wants to be put in a match with Stardust, and he agreed.

With all of that above, Team Arrow (Amell and Neville) are going to win this match. Can anybody reading this name me the last time a Hollywood actor has lost in a WWE ring?  I certainly can’t think of a time where they have.  Which makes betting against Neville and Amell a very bad idea.  I’m going with Team Arrow.


Televised Singles Match #17: Sheamus vs Randy Orton

This feud has been on and off for the past several months, including injuries suffered and time off for both parties.  Recently, Sheamus has won the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and since then, both men have been thorns in each other sides. They’ve faced on in multiple tag matches, and gotten involved in other’s tag matches.

The lack of write up above shows just how much I really care about this match, in which that equals…zero.  Zero cares about this matchup pairing.  Alone, these two have 17 televised 1v1 matches, and that’s not counting tag matches or multi-man matches (including battle royals and the like).  I’m going with Sheamus here, even with the “curse” of the Money in the Bank briefcase hangs above his head.


The Match I’m Glad Didn’t Get the Divas In the Ring: Rusev vs Dolph Ziggler

This feud has been going on for a few months, ever since Lana split up from Rusev after Rusev’s constant verbal abuse and his attempt to steal the limelight away from her (anyone else think of Sable/Mero here?) Ever since, Rusev and Ziggler have been going at it, mostly verbal since Rusev had been out with a foot injury, while Ziggler got taken out by Rusev on his return.  This is the most recent match on the card; only getting announced six day ago.

Not quite sure why this match is actually on the main card.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this match doesn’t get moved onto the preshow.  I’m going to go with Ziggler.

That’s all I’ve got.  Thanks for sticking with me through this.  Until next time.



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