WWE Night of Champions 2015 Breakdown


Ladies and gentlemen, I am the Baumeister, and it is time once again to dive into the PPV Breakdown.  Storylines will be covered, outcomes will get analyzed, and I will give my overall thoughts on the matchups to come. So, let’s get started shall we?


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Seth Rollins (120th Champion, 9th Televised Defense) (1-0) vs Sting (NoC Debut)

After SummerSlam, Seth Rollins is on top of the world.  He’s a duel champion, and he has gotten the statue that he was promised by The Authority.  So, the night after SummerSlam, they were all set to do a big reveal in the middle of the ring. However, it wasn’t the reveal that The Authority was expecting.  Instead of the statue, we got The Vigilante, Sting.  In the subsequent weeks, Sting has been playing mind games with the World Heavyweight Champion, even destroying Rollins’ statue with a garbage truck.  This past Monday, we got Sting in competition on RAW for the first time ever, in an effort from the Authority to take out Sting and John Cena, but that ended up backfiring.  This is Sting’s first opportunity for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  Will he be able to capitalize or will The Authority have something up their sleeve to keep the title on Seth Rollins? And there’s also Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus waiting to cash in.

Well, we’ve got a very interesting matchup here.  It’s another part-timer challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  There’s been a lot of speculation that Sheamus is going to come in and cash in on whoever wins this match.   I don’t see Sheamus cashing in just yet.  However, I do have a problem with people expecting there to be a cash-in at every PPV.  It needs to be seen as a threat and only that, not an expectation.  When it happens, it happens.  Simple as that.  I’m predicting Seth Rollins to retain the World Heavyweight Championship and walk out of the arena still the champion.


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Ryback (152nd Champion, 4th Televised Defense) (NoC Debut) vs Kevin Owens (NoC Debut)

In a champion vs champion challenge two weeks ago, Ryback was taking on Seth Rollins.  Before the match, Owens confronts Ryback during Ryback’s interview.  On the following Smackdown, Owens was the direct catalyst for Rollins to pin Ryback in their Lumberjack Match.  On RAW last week, we got a in-ring face to face promo in which the match was made for Night of Champions between these two men.  Will the prizefighter get another prize to add to his collection, or will The Big Guy shut up the brash Owens.

This is going to be a battle.  Both of these men are powerful, but the speed edge has to go to Owens.  Personally, I’m going with Kevin Owens to get the pinfall victory.  Even though there isn’t much of a story between these two going into Night of Champions, I feel like Owens could be a much better Intercontinental Champion than Ryback.


WWE United States Championship: Seth Rollins (40th Champion, 1st Televised Defense) (1-0) vs John Cena (3-3-1)

The feud between these two gentlemen continues on, but it is no longer about Cena’s broken nose.  It’s now about Cena getting the United States Championship back.  This feud has taken a bit of a backseat to the Sting/Rollins feud, in which there has been very little progress made in their storyline.

That being said, I’m thinking that at least one title is going to change hands here.  Since I’ve already predicted that Seth Rollins is going to retain here, I’m going to go for John Cena to win back the United States Championship.


WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Day (56th Champions, 2nd Televised Defense) (Woods: NoC Debut; Kingston: 3-3; Big E: NoC Debut) vs The Dudley Boyz (NoC Debut)

The New Day, after winning that Tag Team Championships in the Fatal 4-Way at SummerSlam, took to celebrating the next night, including a pinfall victory over the Lucha Dragons.  But then, to the surprise of everybody in attendance at the Barclays Center, the Dudley Boyz returned.  And in typical Dudley fashion, they sent Woods through a table.  Since then, The New Day have been campaigning to #SaveTheTables.  In order to face the Dudleys at Night of Champions, the New Day had to retain their titles against the Primetime Players on this past RAW, which they did.  This past Smackdown, Kofi picked up a victory over D-Von Dudley.

Well, we’ve got a returning tag team that is back for an undetermined amount a time against probably one of the hottest teams in quite some time.  The New Day is over like Rover.  I honestly expect New Day to go over to continue their amazing streak, however, I’m going with The Dudley Boyz to win the WWE Tag Team Championships.


WWE Divas Championship: Nikki Bella (25th Champion, 14th Televised Defense) (0-1) vs Charlotte (NoC Debut)

The Divas Championship has been hotly sought after by the members of Team PCB after their victory at SummerSlam.  They traded a win back to Team Bella the night after RAW.  Then, we get the first ever Divas Beat the Clock Challenge.  Becky Lynch sets the time to beat, but Charlotte takes the opportunity and becomes the #1 Contender to the Divas Championship.  Meanwhile, we get the countdown for Nikki to becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion ever.  Charlotte petitions, and successfully gets the opportunity to break that record on this past RAW.  But, thanks to twin magic, Charlotte fails to win the Divas Championship, and Nikki Bella moves into the record books as the longest running Divas Champion.  However, after the match, Stephanie McMahon makes a rematch between the two Divas, and the only way for Nikki to win is to win clean.  If Nikki gets disqualified or counted out, then Charlotte becomes the champion.

I hope that this the opportunity that the Divas division needs to get some fresh blood in the top of the picture.  The Bella Twins need to see their way out the door and never, ever come back.  Now, granted, they are the “face” of Total Divas and I’m sure that they’ll be in the WWE as long as they want to.  But I’m tired of them.  Especially Nikki.  I’m rooting for Charlotte to take the win here.


The Wyatt Family (Wyatt: NoC Debut; Harper: NoC Debut; Strowman: NoC Debut) vs Dean Ambrose (1-0), Roman Reigns (1-0) and Mystery Partner)

The night after SummerSlam was filled with wild returns, and a giant debut.  I’m referring to Braun Strowman of course.  The hoss of a man came in and choked out Ambrose and Reigns.  Ever since then, the Black Sheep of the Wyatt Family has been choking people out left and right.  When the match was made official, the Wyatts went and took matters into their own hands, by taking out men that have even remotely sided with Ambrose and Reigns.  Randy Orton and Jimmy Uso both met the same fate at the hands of Strowman.  Ambrose and Reigns say they have a third guy, but his identity remains to be revealed.

I’m predicting the Wyatt Family to walk out of Night of Champions with the victory.  It looks like it’s going to be a easy victory with the likes of Strowman picking up and taking out whoever gets in his path.  But, it is the WWE.  For all we know, this is just a way to make Reigns look good and Strowman will head back into obscurity.  But I really, really hope that isn’t the case.


Dolph Ziggler (2-4) vs Rusev (1-0) with Summer Rae

These two have gone back and forth since SummerSlam, where the match ended in a Double Countout. Things have become rather heated after Summer Rae goes into Ziggler’s locker room, and has claimed to have been “seduced” by Ziggler while in there.  Meanwhile, Ziggler’s squeeze, Lana, has been put out of action after suffering a wrist injury that required surgery.  Summer Rae is going to be the catalyst in this matchup, and we will see just where her allegiances truly lie after this coming Sunday.

As much as I would love to see Ziggler get some momentum coming out of Night of Champions, he really hasn’t gotten much love in this show (a 2-4 record after all), and the booking seems to never go his way for very long.  I’m predicting a Rusev win here, and hopefully this will be the final nail in this feud’s coffin.


Pre-Show: Neville (NoC Debut) and The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara (II): NoC Debut: Kalisto: NoC Debut) vs Stardust (4-2) and The Ascension (Konnor: NoC Debut; Viktor: NoC Debut)

Two different feuds uniting into one for this matchup.  For Neville vs Stardust, it’s another round on PPV.  The Man That Gravity Forgot is looking to put Stardust behind him, but Stardust has other plans.  He’s enlisted the help of the Warriors from the Wasteland in the Ascension.  They’ve had their on and off troubles with the Lucha Dragons, ever since the Dragons took the NXT Tag Team Championships off of them.  Now, all six of them go head to head in the Kickoff match to see whether good or evil prevail.

Now, it would be fitting for Stardust and his Cosmic Wasteland to win the match, but it’s all about getting the crowd fired up.  And what better way to get the crowd fired up than having Neville and The Lucha Dragons win.  And that’s my pick.

There you have it folks.  Our breakdown of WWE Night of Champions 2015.  Stay tuned tomorrow night as we find out the results of the card and to see where exactly the storylines go from here.


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