WTFebruary Matchup Monday #10: Danshoku Dino


Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am your host, the Baumeister.  Now, we all love this fantastic sport of ours, no matter how bad the product becomes (yes, I’m referring to all of you negative Nancy’s out there).  Well, today, we’re going to look at three matches of my choosing that is centered around a specific superstar.  There may be some good matches, and there might be some bad ones.  But, at the very least, you should enjoy them.

This is part of WTFebruary, a month in which the focus is solely on the strange, bizarre, and just plain bad of professional wrestling.

This week’s featured wrestler: Danshoku Dino

Thanks for watching! Which match did you enjoy the most? Do you have a specific performer you want to see featured here? Or is there a specific match you want me to feature? Let me know in the comments.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister.


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