WTFebruary WTF Wednesday #11: Katie Vick

Katie Vick

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am your host, the Baumeister.  As a dedicated wrestling fan, you’ve watched through both the good and the bad.  But, there are just some things that are so bad that you have to go “WTF?” Each week, we’ll cover a match, person or storyline that will confuse you and give you a headache as you ask yourself, “WTF did I just watch?”

This is part of WTFebruary, a month in which the focus is solely on the strange, bizarre, and just plain bad of professional wrestling.

This week’s WTF: Katie Vick Storyline

Probably one of the worst storylines that came out of WWE…ever.  This was about the time that I was not watching wrestling, or even following it.  So, I was fortunate enough to miss the entire storyline live. I’m not going to even try to explain the whole storyline, but I will give you what is touted as the most infamous moment from this storyline below.  There are no words.

Are you scratching your head like I am? Do you have a WTF moment that you’d like to see featured here? Let me know in the comments. Until next time, I am the Baumeister.


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