Time of the Fall: Lucha Underground Season 2.9


  • The Monster Matanza Cueto defeated Argenis, King Cuerno, Johnny Mundo, Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Mascarita Sagrada, Cage, Taya, Drago, Jack Evans, PJ Black, Mil Muertes, Lucha Underground Champion Fenix, The Mack, Aerostar, Texano, Joey Ryan, Dragon Azteca Jr, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Prince Puman and Rey Mysterio Jr  in Aztec Warfare ()
    • Entrant #1: Fenix-Eliminated 12th
    • Entrant #2: Rey Mysterio Jr.-Eliminated 20th
    • Entrant #3: King Cuerno-Eliminated 2nd
    • Entrant #4: Argenis-Eliminated 1st
    • Entrant #5: Johnny Mundo-Eliminated 3rd
    • Entrant #6: Joey Ryan-Eliminated 16th
    • Entrant #7: Prince Puma-Eliminated 19th
    • Entrant #8: Jack Evans-Eliminated 9th
    • Entrant #9: Taya-Eliminated 7th
    • Entrant #10: Cage-Eliminated 6th
    • Entrant #11: Mascarita Sagrada-Eliminated 5th
    • Entrant #12: Marty “The Moth” Martinez-Eliminated 4th
    • Entrant #13: Drago-Eliminated 8th
    • Entrant #14: The Mack-Eliminated 13th
    • Entrant #15: Chavo Guerrero Jr.-Eliminated 18th
    • Entrant #16: PJ Black-Eliminated 10th
    • Entrant #17: Aerostar-Eliminated 14th
    • Entrant #18:Dragon Azteca, Jr.-Eliminated 17th
    • Entrant #19: Texano-Eliminated 15th
    • Entrant #20: Mil Muertes-Eliminated 11th
    • Entrant #21: The Monster Matanza Cueto-Winner

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