Commentaries #1

Hello everyone, and welcome to what I’m going to call, Commentaries. This is going to be just a random, free blog of which there is no set topic, just whatever pops into my head at that particular moment.  These may be short, these may be long, but hey, at least it’s an insight into what I’m thinking.  Also, before we get any further, I will NOT get into politics here.  While I might have a degree in political science, politics is a completely different beast…and a very scary one at that.  Now, let’s get started, shall we?

Image result for Oculus Mirror

Yes.  That’s a mirror.  The topic that I want to talk about specifically is the use of mirrors in video games.  I’ve played a few games where coming across mirrors and other reflective surfaces are commonplace in the game, and I’ve noticed that there are two different ways of handling how to use the mirrors in-game.  And it’s all based on just what sort of perspective or characters there are.  In the case of first person POVs, the creators are wanting to go with the idea of a faceless protagonist.  A clear example of this that I’ve played is Layers of Fear.  The mirrors are all broken or murky, and all the glass windows and doors that normally would reflect surfaces back to a person in certain conditions (like darkness), are non-existent.  For games like Fallout 4, where it gives you an untold amount of character creation, they also make the mirrors murky.

However, from the very limited number of games that I’ve played where it’s a strict third-person POV, the mirrors in the game are actually reflective.  So far, I can only remember this with The Last of Us (which, I wrote this during while playing through the prologue section, which sparked this whole thing off).  I think Grand Theft Auto V also does this with their characters, but since there is a little bit of character customization, I’m not 100% positive on if the mirrors do actually reflect (possibly because I don’t remember looking into a mirror in game…whoops).

I do find it fascinating that there is a complete divide when it comes to how mirrors are portrayed in video games. Do you even pay attention to such a little thing like mirrors? Let me know! Otherwise, thank you for dropping by.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


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