Old Time Radio History #5

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of “Old Time Radio History”.  Now, I’m going to change things up a little bit here.  No, I’m not deviating from the pattern that I have strangely set for myself.  No, I’m going to change up the topics here.  Since we are SO close to Halloween, I figured that instead of talking about my planned topic, Dragnet, and go with something a little darker.  Now yes, today would be a perfect day to talk about “The War of the Worlds”, since it aired on this day 78 years ago.  Didn’t plan that one out too well.  But, enough about me.  Let’s dive right in to this week’s topic:

Image result for Inner Sanctum Mystery

Now, you probably haven’t heard about this show.  Or at least, not a lot because it stayed primarily on the radio.  But that’s ok. You’re probably asking why, aren’t you? That’s ok.  You can nod your head.  Even though I can’t see you doing it.  There we go.  Anyway, the reason why I’ve chosen it for this week is not just because of the macabre content it provides us, but also some of the non-play content.  Specifically, the creaking door in the introduction, and our host’s wonderful outro…”Good night, pleasant…dreams…hmmmmm?” I don’t know about you, but after listening to a creaking door (which was actually a rather noisy office chair), the macabre host adding his own dark spin to his introduction, then telling you to have pleasant dreams after listening to a hair-raising tale would give any grown man a nightmare.

Did you enjoy the show? Did you get scared? I certainly did.  Good thing I write these things during the daylight, isn’t it? Come back next week to see what sort of light-hearted fare I can come up with.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister.  Good night…pleasant…dreams? Hmmmmmm…


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