Commentaries #6

Hello everyone, and welcome back once again to “Commentaries”! Now, I’ve pre-planned the whole month of November out.  Seriously.  Four pages worth in one of my old notebooks that I found when I cleaned out my closet when I moved back home.  Everything planned out, day by day, either with vague topics, lists, and ideas going down the page.  Except for these.  I left Commentaries with a “TBD”, because I didn’t want to plan something for this spot ahead of time, and then change the topic completely.  Granted, this spot is not supposed to be a linear series, or even be tied together.

That being said, I want to talk about Pokemon.  Yes, Pokemon.

With Sun and Moon coming up very soon, I want to talk about the wide-variety of new Pokemon that are coming out of the Alola region.  To begin, we’re going to start with the starting trio.  Now, I’m not going to comment on the designs, or the supposed “theme” of the trio (archer, wrestler, stage performer).  I want to talk about the typing.  Now, the typing isn’t new.  We’ve gotten grass/flying, grass/ghost, fire/dark, water/fairy before, but not for our starters.  In fact, these are all new combinations for the starter Pokemon.  Now, I believe that this is the first time since Red/Blue/Yellow that we’ve gotten a dual-type starter that goes from basic to final.  I like the different type combinations, and that should make game-play real interesting.

Then, I can only assume we have our basic beginning route Pokemon with Rockruff (Rock), Komala (Normal), Pikikpek (Normal/Flying), and Yungoos (Normal).  There’s the low Pokedex Bug-Type in the Grubbin line, but whether or not it gets the Caterpie/Weedle/Wurmple treatment is a different story.  Then, there are the new type combinations.  With the likes of Drampa (Normal/Dragon), Cutifly/Ribombee (Bug/Fairy), Salandit (Poison/Fire), Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy), Hakamo-o/Kommo-o (Dragon/Fighting).

Also getting introduced are special Pokemon called Guardian Deity’s, that have something to do with Island Challenges, which are replacing the Pokemon Gym system.  While the most recent trailer brings up the fact that the Pokemon League is still around and is getting established on the tallest mountain in Alola.  Then, there’s the alternate forms of Generation 1 Pokemon, like Sandshrew/Sandslash (Ice/Steel); Vulpix (Ice)/Ninetales (Ice/Fairy); Meowth/Persain (Dark), Exeggutor (Grass/Dragon); Rattata/Raticate (Dark/Normal); Raichu (Electric/Psychic); Marowak (Fire/Ghost); among others.

There are so many topics still to cover, but I’m exhausting myself here.  I love the island theme, and I’m really digging the changes that Pokemon are introducing here.  Hopefully there is a lot of post-game activities besides competitive training (unlike X and Y), and that the game has it’s moments where it is challenging (also unlike X and Y, which was made way too easy).

Well, there’s my commentary for the week. Are you excited for Sun/Moon? I am! Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


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