So, You Think You Know Diabetes #7

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another “So, You Think You Know Diabetes”.  The last couple of editions have been slightly depressing, with talking about the severe, and long-term complications when it comes to diabetes.  It’s something that scientists and medical professionals are working 24/7/365 on fighting.  Even if it won’t help the current generation of diabetics, maybe one day, there’ll be a cure.  Or at least, ways to manage and control diabetes.  But, the future will come up in a later post.  Right now, I’m continuing on the depression train with our next topic:

Image result for Diabetic retinopathy

Well, now that we started out with neuropathy, we’re gonna continue on with another organ-specific complication.  Diabetic retinopathy is caused by too much sugar damaging the blood vessels in the eye, and the body repairs those blood vessels.  However, the new vessels are not as strong, and eventually fail and rupture, causing vision problems.

Now, since diabetic retinopathy is a progressive disease, it’ll be hard to do early detection unless a diabetic is getting their eyes checked on at least a yearly basis.  But, there are signs that could be indicators of a worsening condition.  They include:

  • Spots or floaters (Now, my source specifically says “dark” strings, so they must be a different one than the less harmful floaters that I’ve found in my vision on a constant basis).
  • Blurred/fluctuating vision (granted, nobody should be ignoring blurred or fluctuating vision, as it could be something serious).
  • Impaired color vision (I’m not sure what this is referring to.  Does this mean that one may go colorblind? Or have a disassociation of color?).
  • Dark or empty areas in vision (Possibly due to the increased presence of blood in the affected area of the eye).
  • Loss of vision (self-explanatory).

Now, those who have better control over their diabetes are less likely to suffer from the advanced forms of diabetic retinopathy.  However, that does not mean that being in control of this unpredictable disease will completely prevent one from developing diabetic retinopathy.  For those of you who are wondering what “being in control” means, it’s simply constantly monitoring one’s blood sugar, taking good care of one’s body, and having regular doctor’s visits.  Especially optometrists visits.  One of the biggest complications that arises out of diabetic retinopathy (minus the obvious blindness) is glaucoma, which is pretty serious.

That’s all I’ve got for you today folks.  Next week, we’re gonna continue on this depressing train of long-term complications.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I am, obediently yours.

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