Let’s Go To The Matches #7

Hello everyone, and welcome back once again to another edition of “Let’s Go To The Matches”.  Now, last week, I brought you matches involving the match winners from each of the first matches of WWE’s big 4 PPVs.  But, I want to also do this with 2002-2003.  Now, you’re probably wondering why I chose such a specific time frame.  That’s because, at least in wrestling history, some of the biggest names in wrestling today were founded during this time.  TNA, ROH, CHIKARA and PWG all debuted within this time frame (PWG being the youngest of the four with their debut show happening in 2003).  Now, I would be remiss to say World Wrestling Entertainment as we know it today started in 2002, with the “Get the ‘F’ Out” campaign.

So, this time, I’m going to go with the winners of the main event matches of each of the four above promotion’s debut cards.

TNA debuted June 19, 2002 in Huntsville, AL.  They started up with these Weekly PPVs, and with their first one, they crowned a NWA World Heavyweight Champion.  Shamrock ended up winning two matches that night, winning a Gauntlet for the Gold with Malice, before then defeating Malice in a one-on-one match to win the gold.

ROH debuted February 23, 2002 in Philadelphia, PA, with “The Era of Honor Begins”.  Low Ki defeated American Dragon (Daniel Bryan) and Christopher Daniels in a Triple Threat Match.

CHIKARA debuted May 25, 2002 in Allentown, PA, with a show titled “The Renaissance Dawns”.  To end off the show, the trio of the Black T-Shirt Squad (Mike Quackenbush, Don Montoya and Reckless Youth) defeated The Gold Bond Trio (CM Punk, Colt Cabana and Chris Hero).

PWG debuted July 26, 2003 in City of Industry, CA, with “Debut Show”.  AJ Styles defeated Frankie Kazarian.

Did we have fun tonight? I sure did.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


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