Random Things #7

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of “Random Things”.  How is everyone doing? I’m doing pretty well.  Worn out from working the evening shift, but hey, what can you do? I’m noticing that I’m sleeping later and later these days, and for longer periods of time, which is a good thing, right? Means I can only be getting better, right? Besides, more sleep should do me some good.  I’ve gone long enough with very short periods.  Anyway, enough about my sleep habits, let’s dive right into content!

Alright, so I’ve shown you the departure of Amy and Rory from the Doctor Who universe, so, here’s the other incredibly heartbreaking departure.  Though, we do see Rose again…

Spoilers: The Great Debate

Curse you River.

Now, we all know that Jackman was going to leave the X-Men Universe.  He’s been in SO many movies, and what better way to send off Wolverine than this. This looks gritty, and quite frankly, could be heartbreaking.  And I am ready.

And piggybacking off of the trailer, I present to you the song in the version.  No other words needed.

“You haven’t the faintest idea.” Between the first good look we get of Count Olaf, plus Neil Patrick Harris’ delivery, made me think “Oh my…this is the Olaf that we wanted”.  No offense to Jim Carrey, but the outlandish, and slightly over the top Olaf that we got in the movie wasn’t true to the darker, sinister Olaf in the books.

Also, I LOVE the description of the video.  (For those who don’t pay attention to the description boxes: “Meet the star of a new Netflix series telling the story of a very handsome actor and three selfish and ungrateful orphans who refuse to give him the enormous fortune their dead parents left behind.”

No explanation necessary…just let Delirious do it for you.

That’s all I’ve got for you today.  Little more random than what I planned it out to be.  But hey, that’s how this is supposed to go.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


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