Top 10 Roundup #8

Hello everyone, and welcome to yet another edition of the “Top 10 Roundup”.  Now, I’ve brought to you TV shows over the course of the last three weeks, ranging from suspenseful to science-fiction to plain drama to horror.  I’ve even thrown in some animation in there as well.  But, let’s talk about my other passion.  Yes, I’m talking about video games.  I love playing me some video games.  Not only that, but I really enjoy seeing what’s out there and drooling over some games.  So, here are my “Top” 10 games that I want to own.

I LOVE Skyrim, and to see it get a graphical update on the PS4, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t say no into owning a copy of a game I already own.

Oh. My. Everloving. God. I’m a big fan of the PS1 era Resident Evil games, and I was sad when they took to a FPS/Action style than what we got with the original three in survival horror.  So, after not only watching plenty of trailers, but also playing both versions of the demo (yes, they did an update on the demo to add more to it), I SO WANT this game! Yes, the developers say there will be combat, but I hope…HOPE, that it’s a return to the first game’s style where combat is more out of necessity rather than the focal point.

Now, I’ve played, and beaten the original Bioshock.  But, I haven’t picked up the other two games. So, when they announced that they were going to release a complete collection, I was like “Sold”!

I like this series.  I’ve played “Crimes and Punishments: Sherlock Holmes” already, and I really want to check out more of these games, even if they are a bit repetitive when it comes to gameplay.

This game.  I know it is in the same vein as the Dark Souls trilogy (and may even occupy the same universe, just in a completely different setting), but I know that since I enjoyed playing through what I did of the first Dark Souls, that this should be aesthetically pleasing, but insanely difficult.

I’ve played Dragon Quest VIII, and even though that’s the ONLY game of the series that I’ve played, I love it! I wish that I could have invested more into the series.  But, with this being like a cross between Dynasty Warriors and Dragon Quest, count me in!

I haven’t been this invested in a Final Fantasy launch since XII.  XIII never really held my interest (and after playing through part of it, I can see why it hasn’t).  But, this game looks exciting.

I have been looking forward to this game since beating Kingdom Hearts II all those many years ago.  And there are so many questions that still need to be answered.  Do the keyblades have their own special powers? How many new worlds are there to explore? Are there going to be more worlds to explore since we’ve moved up a couple of generations? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Why must you make us wait SquareEnix?!

If you’ve paid attention to some of my other blog posts, you know I’m really into the works of H.P. Lovecraft. So, naturally, I’m intrigued by this game.  I hope that the game’s outcome is dark and dreary, because, after all, you can never beat the Great Old One, only temporarily subdue him and return him back to where he came for a while.

Last game on our list ends up giving one of the scariest upcoming games yet.  I’ve played through the demo, and man, am I ready to be terrified.

Well, there’s my list of games, past, current and future that I want to own.  Do you have any game recommendations? Any games you want to own in the future? Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I am, obediently yours.


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