Old Time Radio History #9

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of “Old Time Radio History”.  So, we’re diving back in once again to the more serious side of things in the audio assault on your ears.  And like our last serious show entry, we’ve got a cross-technology show with…


Gunsmoke is one of the longest-running programs in history.  Think about that for a second. Between radio and television, Gunsmoke was on the air for 23 years.  Not only that, but early on in the show’s lifespan, it made the transition from radio to television, which it ran with two different casts for the 8 years the two mediums ran together. Now, besides any animated show (excluding The Simpsons, because they are hitting records for longevity in their own right), can you think of any other show that ran for 20 years on television? There’s a couple that come to mind, but there’s only one Gunsmoke.

And why is Gunsmoke so revered in the Old Time Radio world.  Because, up until Gunsmoke came to the air, Westerns were usually lighter affairs, geared more to kids (can anyone say, Hi Ho Silvah, AWAY!?).  Gunsmoke is much, much darker than any of it’s fellow Westerns.  And the adults flocked to it, and it’s darker, more mature storylines.

Did you enjoy the episode above? Or was it a little too dark for you folks? I promise, next week should be a lot more upbeat.  ‘Cause it’s another transition to happy-go-lucky! Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


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