Top 10 Roundup #9

Hello everyone, welcome back once again to another edition of the Top 10 Roundup! Now, I’ve covered TV shows, video games, horror movies, wrestling, and Funko POP!, and I’m still working on branching out.  Keeping this intro short so we can get to the goods, here’s my “Top” 10 movies that I own, but haven’t watched yet.  Mind you, there are hundreds of movies out there that I haven’t watched yet, and that’s a few dozen lists for another time.

Now, except for “Manhunter” and this movie, I’ve seen all of the films in the Hannibal Tetraology. Now, I’m not sure exactly how good this movie is going to be.  The book itself, while alright, wasn’t up to the level the rest of the series sits.  But, I’ll keep an open mind and one day get to this movie.

Is it sad that I, a giant fan of the great Sherlock Holmes, have never seen these movies? I know, for shame, for shame.  And I really have no excuse.  Robert Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Britain’s greatest detective looks intriguing.

Oh, Jacob Goodnight.  When will you learn to stay dead? Seriously.  If you haven’t gone and watched the first one, go and do so.  You’ll understand why.  Besides calling on the supernatural boogeyman slasher trope, this looks like more of the same destructive goodness that only the 6’10” Kane can bring.

Probably the most popular movie on this list, I’ve never seen it due to the fact that I’ve never been really interested in the premise.  But, as time has gone on, I’ve gotten more and more…intrigued by it.  Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older (and arguably wiser), or maybe it’s because my brain is shifting more into figuring out puzzles and complex plotlines.

WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN THIS MOVIE?! Seriously! Just from watching the trailer, I’m SO intrigued! It’s got Sir Anthony Hopkins playing another intellectual killer, though not nearly as deranged (at least, what I can gather from the trailer) as Dr. Lecter, and a “whoreallydoneit” kinda mystery to solve.

This is probably one of the darkest and grittiest superhero movie trailers that I’ve seen yet.  And considering that this thing is almost ten years old at this point, the question is why haven’t I watched it yet.  Now, to be fair, I have read the graphic novel, so I know what is going on in the movie, but just haven’t watched it yet.  Man…I sound like a parrot.

It’s an original screenplay written by Stephen King! What’s not to love? Well, ask the critics.  They gave it a pretty low rating, all things considered.  But, it’s Stephen King, so I might as well give it a chance, right? What do I have to lose?

Ok, so I’m rather behind the times and have not watched this movie.  To be fair, it took Beth and I some time to make it through the first two movies in the Hobbit trilogy.  That being said, I need to finish out the trilogy, if only to see just how much the ending itself differs from the book.

Now, except for “Seed of Chucky”, I’ve seen all of the films in the “Child’s Play” franchise, and I’m really curious to see where they go with this movie.

Is it weird that I watched the second and third films in this franchise, but not the first one? Yeah.  Me too.  Anyway, since I have seen “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”, might as well check out the first film to see how it helps tie everything together.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you today folks.  Are you shocked at the lack of films that I’ve watched.  Are there some films that I haven’t watched that you think I’ll be interested in.  Let me know below.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


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