Commentaries #9

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another round of Commentaries!

Now, I know I said something earlier about changing up the blog, so that’s what we are going to discuss here since we are the beginning of a new month.  Now, I know that some of my posts are starting to wind down because I’m running out of topics to cover, or getting stagnant because they have fallen into a pattern.  So, here’s what I’m going to do for each post.

Monday: “Let’s Go To The Matches”: This will continue on, but I will go with more random pairs of matches than trying to find a handful of matches to fit a theme.

Tuesday: “Oooh, I Want to Read This”: Seems to be one of my more popular posts (maybe because of the booking blog community).  So, I’m going to expand out this post with more about the books themselves (blurbs/excerpts/etc).  However, the amount of books will still fluctuate between three and an undetermined number.

Wednesday: “Top 10 Roundup”: More or less the same.  Gonna start throwing more book content in there, because people like to see stuff about books, yah?

Thursday: “Commentaries”: This space is going to remain the exact same, with whatever the heck I want to post.  In the future, I think update posts like this are going to be in their own post, and just tagged in all the categories.

Friday: “Random Things”: Will continue on like normal, but I’m going to try to move away from the formula that I’ve had with one random movie trailer, song, Doctor Who clip, and something to do with wrestling.  In short, if I find something I like in between postings, I’ll be sure to add it to Random Things.  I won’t try to make it too clip heavy though, probably just about five or so during the course of the post.

Saturday: “So, You Think You Know Diabetes”: This one is probably the one that will die out first.  There is just not enough on this topic for me to talk about.  As of this post, I have the next two topics planned out, but not scheduled (one I have to do a vast amount of research on).  I hope that I can wrap this up by the end of the year, and start a new Saturday post in January.  Don’t worry.  From time to time, I probably will come back and visit this topic with updates on research or developments in technology.

Sunday: “Old Time Radio History:” This one may also die out, though it has a little bit longer lifespan than it’s Saturday counterpart.  I might run out of shows to showcase, in which I will let this topic slide into the ether, and move right along into a new series. But, we’ll see what happens.  There’s still a lot of shows left.

Also, I’m thinking that I’m going to start updating the pages with some new graphics, hopefully learn how to properly make a header, among other things, to give this page some pop.

I’m also planning on making reviews a thing on this page.  I’ve already got a few reviews that you can go check out, but I’m looking to do some TV series episode reviews, under the banner “It’s SHOWTIME!”.  I’m going to pick something that I’ve seen time and time again to start, just to make sure that I work out all the kinks.

Well, there you have it.  My plans for this blog, at least for this month.  I’ll catch you all next time with more content, and as always, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


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