Random Things #10

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another edition of Random Things! Was last week random enough for you? I certainly hope so.  I tried to branch out a little bit with some varying things.  To be fair, most of my time on YouTube is dedicated to watching various LPs from the likes of Game Grumps, ScykohPlays, The JWittz (since he’s doing an LP of Pokemon Sun), UpUpDwnDwn, and TheRunawayGuys.  And as some people know, those can get quite long. So, I usually don’t have a lot of random clips to show off to people.  But, that’s where the beauty of my brain comes in.  Anyway, let’s get right on in to the clips, shall we?

First off is a group that I found just the other night, The Overtones! I was looking up the lyrics to the song “Sh-Boom”, which, at least for what I remember it for, being featured in the movie “Clue”.  And the lyrics page was for a group called “The Overtones”.  So, I went and checked out their rendition, and I…really like this quintet of guys.  They have a “boy band” type sound, but it’s much…cleaner? Anyway, call me hooked.

Next up, we have the return of the Weeping Angels.  And, they seem much, much more vicious.  Just watch the clip to see why.  If it’s not coming to you, please come find me.  Oh, and don’t blink when you do.  I’ve seen one of those things…just around…the corner…

First time I’ve pulled up a book trailer for ANYTHING, and look what I find.  From the author of the Divergent series, we get a whole new world that sounds really interesting.  I love the Divergent books (movies on the other hand…), and the premise of this book intrigues me, so I figure, I’ll give it a shot, one day.

Oh, the man who the Internet has a FIELD DAY with. Just watch, and enjoy.  Trust me.  I wouldn’t be able to explain it better than the video…and…then you wouldn’t watch the video.

Presented…without comment.

Well, that’s all the clips I’ve got for you today folks.  Did you enjoy them? Were they random enough for you? Hopefully you found something new to binge on when surfing through YouTube.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


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