Commentaries #13

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Commentaries!

Well, it’s the end of the year.  And to keep it short and sweet, 2016 sucked.

Now, moving on to other topics.  Like here:

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, beard and indoor

Ok.  So, that ugly mug isn’t necessarily a topic.  But that’s me at work.  See, even us weirdos can have fun at work.  Oh, and I love the wreath behind me.  It’s got whisks and spatulas in it.

It’s just a random kind of blog. Since I’ve got nothing better to say.  But, I don’t want to leave you with just my mug.  I’m hoping that 2017 is going to be a good year.  I really do.  But a year is long.  And I don’t want to look too far ahead into the future. I’m just gonna take it one step at a time.

Does anyone else have a hard time figuring out what they want to watch on Netflix? I mean, I know there are times where I’m sitting there, scrolling through and going “what do I want to watch now”.  Of course, part of my problem is that I never know if I’m going to get called in early, or even if I’m going to get some time to watch things in peace.  So, I don’t want to start anything if I’m going to get interrupted.

Well, I’m all rambled out today.  Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been obediently yours.


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