Reviewing The Tape: Hush

Hush 2016 poster.jpg

This movie is INCREDIBLE!! It is suspenseful.  It is gripping.  It is compelling.  It is a movie that is best watched in the dark, preferably late at night, either by yourself or snuggled onto someone for comfort.  There’s not a lot more I can say about this movie.  The entire movie feels well planned out, and even had me thinking “don’t go out there!” (and yes, before anyone say anything, I would get some weird looks from my family should I actually scream that out).


Now, I pull out the sign because I needed to.  This is a fairly recent movie, and I didn’t feel…safe…writing this review without giving out even the most minute of details.  As I said above, this is a movie that you have to watch.  I’m a big fan of old time radio, and especially the program Suspense.  They do a marvelous job of taking you on a roller coaster ride until the last possible second.  I think this movies has the complete opposite effect.  Instead of holding on to your ears, this movie, except for a few scenes where there is dialogue, the movie forces you to watch.  And it grips you.  You don’t know if the killer is going to get her when she ventures outside of the house.  You don’t know if the killer is going to get in.  There’s a lot of hoping going on in this movie.

Turning to Maddie, can I say just how strong her character is? Despite being deaf, she does a pretty damn good job of fending off the killer.  Even after getting maimed twice, she still stands up to him and “tells him” to “bring it on”.  I wasn’t expecting him to pop up in the bathtub, but that works perfectly with the scene, as we were focusing more on Maddie than him, we wouldn’t have seen/heard him pop down from the ceiling.

Sound is very important when it comes to films.  Especially music.  And this movie was no different.  In fact, it used music and atmospheric sounds to its advantage.  When we stepped into Maddie’s POV for a moment, and was listening to absolutely nothing, my ears started to ring from the silence.  And speaking of silence, it’s the silence that had the biggest suspenseful moments.  Especially at the end in the bathroom.

For those of you who want a suspenseful film, look no further than “Hush”!

Body count: 3


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