Reviewing the Pages: Inherited


If saying ‘I love you’ meant death, would you still say it?

The Wilted Rose, of faery-tale and folklore, is a pirate ship filled with unfortunate souls-each forbidden to love. One such soul is Valencia ‘Lennie’ Roux. Raised in a brothel and an heir to a curse; Lennie never expected to pique the interest of any man. Yet with the arrival of vivid-eyed Nathaniel, she is torn between wanting to know him better and fearing what that knowledge would mean.

With Nathaniel bringing the crew’s total to six, the Wilted Rose sets off in search of the remaining two heirs. They hope that in reuniting, they will convince the faery Sorceress responsible for the curse, to end it. However lurking beneath the water is a long standing enemy of the Wilted Rose; who is determined to thwart their quest and bring down its leaders.

Together the eight heirs fight for survival, friendship and love.

What happens when you mix action, romance, magic, and a little bit of adventure with pirates? You get a wonderful tale that will bind you with each of the characters on our ship, and make you care for their well being throughout their journey. It’s so nice to go through a book and be able to sit there and grow with the MC, and watch as the other characters grow around her.

But, be warned. For those of us who get swallowed up in the pages and feel like you are in the story, this book will break you. There is a lot of mature imagery in this tale, some that might be too mature for certain audiences. But, if you want to have some swashbuckling fun with a budding romance, then look no further than this tale. I’m looking forward to book #2.


First off, I want to gush about the cover that I have above.  I love myself some skulls and roses, and this works perfectly for me.  Not only that, but it also gives me some imagery of the brand of the curse upon The Wilted Rose.

Speaking of The Wilted Rose, I don’t feel like the story was stinted at all because most of the story took place on the ship in the open seas.  I personally enjoyed growing with Lennie as we advanced through the story, first from her unease and confusion at Nathaniel, the newcomer, to her own feelings for the man grow, but unable to express how she feels for the man because of their curse.

Now, for me, I felt like things were a bit rushed in terms of what was happening in the plot. Finding the missing heirs right away and breaking the curse feel like, at least in my opinion, should be late game plot points.  But, I’m not the author, and I’m sure that the story is much, MUCH bigger than Lennie and Nathaniel’s love.  That’s not to say that it overshadows it though.  It helps Lennie grow and develop into a well-rounded character.

And speaking of characters, I enjoyed the interaction with each of them, except for one.  But, I don’t think we were supposed to be fond of Macrucio, and his quick exit was stunning, yet there to serve as a reminder on how unforgiving the curse is.  And speaking of unforgiving, just as I was enjoying the tale, my heart was shattered.  I will be honest, I teared up.

I love the epilogue sets something up for the future, and I can’t wait to see what Freedom has for book #2.  Oh, and I need to pick up “Into the Forest” to pick up some background of the world and our mysterious magical characters.


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