Reviewing the Tape: Trollhunters

Trollhunters poster.jpg

Based on a book by del Toro, Trollhunters tells the story of friends who unearth a mystery underneath their hometown.

As the synopsis describes, the show takes inspiration from the book by Guillermo del Toro, and expands upon it.  Trollhunters takes us on a journey, with a hero that was reluctant (which, aren’t most of these stories like that to begin with), learns to adapt to, and take control of his new role.  And take control he does.  The show can be divided into two halves, with the first thirteen episodes dedicated to following loosely along with the book.  The second half, however, forges ahead into it’s own territory and continues to expand on the universe of Trolls.  Every character in the show, whether we meet them at the very beginning, or halfway through, get to do a lot of growing, and that’s perfect for a series like this.  Sometimes, the growth isn’t in a positive direction, but, everything overcomes at the very end. This is a great series for those who are not only fond of del Toro’s work, but also animated TV series that have a lot of action, and heart.



Let’s get down to it.  One of the BIGGEST differences between the book and the TV series is the absence of the other human Trollhunter.  Now, before I get to doing too much complaining about how much different the series is from the book, I should take a second to remind myself that the series only had 300+ pages to work with, and there’s not a lot that they could do in terms of branching out assuming they wanted to stick to the source material faithfully.  But, they could have at least kept the…

Ok ok. I’ll keep that part out.

So, let’s focus on the show.  Trollhunters did give us a lot of growth, especially in the non-chosen characters in Toby and Claire.  Toby went from being rather defenseless at the beginning to being able to defend himself and others, at least when the Warhammer he uses actually likes to cooperate.  On the other hand, Claire grew from thinking that Jim was a little strange, to finally accepting not only him, but the existence of trolls, and saving them in the process.  Yes, I know that a lot of Claire’s motivation is to save her baby brother, which has been replaced by a Halfling, but it works out because it does help her keep going, even when the chips seem to be on the floor.

There are plenty of hilarious moments to this show that will keep you rather entertained.  I mean, after all, Rule #3 of Trollhunting is to kick your opponent in the Grognots (or however it’s spelled…is there a proper spelling for it?).  Blinky’s antics in the second half of the season will make you chuckle, and Jim’s awkwardness when around Claire (when not in battle) gets to be pretty amusing.

However, there are some very tender moments, especially towards the end of the season, including the loss of one of our core members.  Very sad indeed there folks.

The show takes the time to let you get invested in the characters, and give you the opportunity to decide if you want to love or hate them.  There are quite a few times where characters go through a change of heart (of sorts for certain characters), but the show doesn’t force you to suddenly change your perspective on the characters.  One such example is Mr. Strickler, who starts out very vile, but ends up sort of redeeming himself at the very end.

I can’t wait to see where the show goes from here, now that Jim is…

Alright, alright.  I won’t spoil everything.  But, I hope that the ending event of the first season doesn’t lead us into a very short second season.  The biggest hurdle there is replacing the voice of Jim, since Anton Yelchin passed away this past June.

All in all, I love this series, and can’t wait for the next Part (as it’s called).  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


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