Forging a Bond

Our bond is unbreakable.

Believe me, I’ve tried.
Through pain, jealousy, anger,
or whatever else drove me,
I tried to shatter that
bond with a red-hot fury.

But you didn’t leave.
You stayed put.

Sure, you might have been
pissed off at me for a couple
of days, but you didn’t leave.

You didn’t tell me go fuck
myself and block me.
You didn’t go silent
and pretend to acknowledge me.

You stayed.

You saw right through everything,
and stared at something that
you only could see.

And I thank you.

We may not know what this
bond of our is going to forge.
It’s certainly something that
I know isn’t just going to break.

Long down the road, we won’t be talking
daily. But that’s just the
natural progression of life. We
get busy.  Plans change.
But we’ll still be here for
each other.

Our bond may be chipped,
cracked and bent, but
it hasn’t broken.

It’s growing stronger.

Copyright Bau “Baumeister” Johnson
February 23, 2017
Originally found on 


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