Reviewing the Pages: The Undead Pool


Superheroes battle the living dead in this hilarious spoof on the comic book universe!

The Undead Pool is a humorous and demented origin story of former mercenary Mace Murdock, who after being subjected to an experiment from the evil clown Zarathustra that leaves him with accelerated healing powers and the hunger for human brains, adopts the alter ego The Undead Pool. Armed with his new abilities and a twisted sense of humor, he joins forces with superheroes Stable, Psychotic Menacing Schoolgirl and Tigernaut to battle Zarathustra and his zombie clown army. The comedy never ends in this science fiction and horror parody of every superhero and supervillain that comic book enthusiasts love and hate.

Well, I’m giving this more a 1.5 star rating. Let’s be honest, I didn’t like this book. I was expecting something a little…different. Not a rehash of “Deadpool” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. There’s just….not enough originality in here for me. And all of the pop-culture references. Sure, I enjoyed some of them. Especially the wrestling ones (I’m a wrestling fan after all). BUT, there’s just TOO FREAKING MANY to really get me to enjoy this read. It was far too…cluttered. Another thing that I had an issue with was with the spacing. It looked like the paragraphs were too far indented on my Kindle, and there were some weird gaps in the middle of a sentence. Now, I’m sure that there are going to be some people who would enjoy this read, but this wasn’t for me. But it very well may be just the right fit for you; if you enjoy gore-drenched parodies and the type of humor that a character like Deadpool (and subsequently, Undead Pool) provides.

There’s not much more that I want to add about this.  If you have seen both movies I listed above, then you know where the plot of this book goes.  Well, technically it’s two books.  Though, the first half does deviate quite a bit, going into some convoluted plot about killing Trump and putting his brain in a chimpanzee (then going back in time and Undead Pool eating Trump’s brain.  I’m not a Trump supporter, but seriously?).

The less I say about this read (and it’s tippie-toes), the better.


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