Reviewing the Pages: White Rabbit Society Part One


Andrew is fifteen years old. He’s been sent to stay with his grandmother for the summer while his parents finish their divorce, but the summer’s up and he’s still stuck up in Wisconsin. And his best and only friend is a monster.

Shadow lives under a gazebo in the park. She has a body made of spare parts, she seems to be omnipotent, and she likes to play chess. Andrew doesn’t tell anybody about Shadow. Nobody listens to him anyway.

Andrew’s Uncle Paul comes to town. Andrew didn’t know he had an Uncle Paul. Paul knows about Shadow. Paul knows lots of things. Some of them are things he shouldn’t know; some of them are things no one should know. And he’s interested in teaching.

Unfortunately, Paul isn’t stopping by just to say hello. He’s being pursued, by people interested in his secrets. People interested in Shadow. And soon, people interested in Andrew.

First off…let me say that I am SO confused. There’s not much of a “society” here that we come to know and understand. It’s a loose organization of people that have fallen down this rabbit hole of very dark magic. There are no real alliances at all; just people who band together for a very short period of time in order to further their own agenda. And in the middle of it all right now; a young teenager named Andrew.

The book does a very good job of not telling what is going on. We go back and forth between flashbacks that I’m not sure who they belong to half the time, and the present day. There are so many unexplained things that I constantly had to stop and go “where did that come from?” However, there are enough things that are explained to not make this story a completely confusing read.

For those of you who like tales with a lot of mystery and intrigue, as well as a fair amount of dark magic, then check this read out.

Alright.  So, part of the reason why I’m so confused is that we have characters that are constantly dying and getting resurrected, and multiple characters that come in and out so fast that I don’t know what side they are on.  For instance, Jeremiah, a character who pops up in the middle of the book, dies at one point, then pops back in towards the end of the read.  At one point, Paul apparently got shot by Anna, and then pops back up just a page later.  Makes me so confused.  Yes, I know there’s a “nine-lives spell” that requires a sacrifice of a toe every time, but still.




Anyway.  There’s a brief point at the end where Josh takes off on his own.  Is he going to be another antagonist in the next part? Or is he just going to disappear into the depths of Chicago?

The one clear thing in this world is the magic, and the motivation that some people have to be possess that magic.  It makes things difficult to be sure, to figure out who’s aligned with who…and that includes the creatures.  Except for Shadow.  Shadow is a different sort of creature.  She seems like she had a goal in mind…which ended up her being made into a (imperfect) human.  But, Shadow doesn’t really play that big of a part here.  Just part of the…package deal? that everyone wants a part of.

Again, if you are into a tale of mystery with a fair amount of dark magic, then you should totally check this out.  And yes, this isn’t so mysterious, but it will certainly leave you confused.


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