Something New: Reviewing the Trailer of “IT”


Ahem.  Excuse me a second while I compose myself.

There.  That’s better.  Before you read on, you really probably should watch this.  There be details about the trailer below.

Alright.  So, I have this rather…long connection with IT.  It’s the first adult book that I’ve read out of, at the tender age of 2 and a half.  Yes.  I did say 2 and a half.  I’m the oldest child of three, and so I got almost three years of parenting to myself.  And my mother read everything to me.  I mean everything.  Children’s books, magazines, newspapers, recipes, the back of cereal boxes, whatever.  She read and read and read to me.  So, when I started to read on my own out loud, Mom used whatever she could to help me out.  And since we didn’t have a lot of children’s books in the house at the time, she used what she was reading, which was IT.  I only know this is because my mother told me about it when I was reading the book as a teenager.  Which I did…constantly.  Between my mother and I, we read the cover off of that copy.  I even used the TV miniseries for an assignment in high school (which meant a couple of nights up waaaaaaaay late watching both parts).  So, I have a bit of an attachment to this novel.

So, when I saw that they were going to remake the miniseries, I was a little cautious about it at first.  Because Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown…

is amazing.  100% awesome at giving this entity life.  But, things started to pop up.  Production stills and teaser images of not just the kids, but the new look for Pennywise.  And let me tell you, Mr. Skarsgård looks downright evil.

And I love it.  My only hope was that they were going to be able to mix the clowning antics of what Pennywise is suppose to portray with the horror that is befalling Derry.  Well, with this trailer, we certainly have some indications that we do.

We had to get that iconic scene where Georgie is chasing his boat down the rain gutter, though him running right into that barricade is a bit of humor that doesn’t last very long.  We then get various scenes, such as the kids walking through the drainpipe, a balloon floating behind Ben, the kids going over old pictures of town that quickly gets out of their control, what I believe is Mike’s interaction with Pennywise at the burned-out mill, and the blood geyser out of Beverly’s drain.  But, what really gets me is at the very end, with Georgie going “you’ll float too” about four or five times, with it increasing in intensity until Pennywise comes running out of this pool of water.  That part did startle me a little bit. But that’s good.  The book is a lot darker than the miniseries was allowed to show, and I think that was partially due to the platform in which it aired on (ABC) than anything else.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love the miniseries, and I love the book.  And I already have some good expectations of this movie, and I hope it doesn’t let me down.

Thank you for letting me cover the trailer for you.  It’s not in-depth like a lot of trailer reviews are, but if you’ve read the book, you already know where it’s going.  So, until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.


Reviewing The Tape: Hush

Hush 2016 poster.jpg

This movie is INCREDIBLE!! It is suspenseful.  It is gripping.  It is compelling.  It is a movie that is best watched in the dark, preferably late at night, either by yourself or snuggled onto someone for comfort.  There’s not a lot more I can say about this movie.  The entire movie feels well planned out, and even had me thinking “don’t go out there!” (and yes, before anyone say anything, I would get some weird looks from my family should I actually scream that out).


Now, I pull out the sign because I needed to.  This is a fairly recent movie, and I didn’t feel…safe…writing this review without giving out even the most minute of details.  As I said above, this is a movie that you have to watch.  I’m a big fan of old time radio, and especially the program Suspense.  They do a marvelous job of taking you on a roller coaster ride until the last possible second.  I think this movies has the complete opposite effect.  Instead of holding on to your ears, this movie, except for a few scenes where there is dialogue, the movie forces you to watch.  And it grips you.  You don’t know if the killer is going to get her when she ventures outside of the house.  You don’t know if the killer is going to get in.  There’s a lot of hoping going on in this movie.

Turning to Maddie, can I say just how strong her character is? Despite being deaf, she does a pretty damn good job of fending off the killer.  Even after getting maimed twice, she still stands up to him and “tells him” to “bring it on”.  I wasn’t expecting him to pop up in the bathtub, but that works perfectly with the scene, as we were focusing more on Maddie than him, we wouldn’t have seen/heard him pop down from the ceiling.

Sound is very important when it comes to films.  Especially music.  And this movie was no different.  In fact, it used music and atmospheric sounds to its advantage.  When we stepped into Maddie’s POV for a moment, and was listening to absolutely nothing, my ears started to ring from the silence.  And speaking of silence, it’s the silence that had the biggest suspenseful moments.  Especially at the end in the bathroom.

For those of you who want a suspenseful film, look no further than “Hush”!

Body count: 3

Reviewing the Tape: The Lazarus Effect

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another movie review.  It’s been a while since the last one, so things have changed a little bit.  So, let’s get right into the action.

The right side of a woman's face with full black eyeballs with scarring all around that same eye. The words "The Lazarus Effect" are at the bottom right in white, 5 cast members names above the title, and the tagline "Evil Will Rise" at the bottom middle.


Alright, let’s get right down to business.  While this movie can be classified as a horror movie, the scares really don’t start happening until the second half of the movie.  Sure, there are some moments where stuff happens and it could make you jump.  But, most of the scares come after Zoe is re-animated.

This movie does bring up a very interesting, and valid point.  What would happen if we scientifically brought back somebody from the dead? And, as we can tell, the movie does its best to bring us its idea as to what would happen.  Now, there are some science fictiony things like levitation, mind-reading and thought-projection, but at the same time, it does bring up a very interesting point to focus on the real world.  What would happen to the human mind should it get re-animated? Would we come back the way we were before we met our demise? Would we withdraw because of the knowledge that we were dead? Would we go on a homicidal rampage? All those questions, and many, many more…should only be answered in the movies.  I hope that we, as a scientific society, stay away from the question of re-animating the dead, for a very, very, very long time.

There is one thing that sticks out to me though.  Sure, we get this big, evil corporation that takes away all their research…and that’s it.  That’s all we get.  There’s panic that this corporation is watching their every move.  But, besides the fact that they broke the rules of the grant, and therefore forfeit all of their research…why did we even have to include them? Other than to serve as the catalyst for the plot? I just…I don’t quite get it.

But, for those of you who want to watch a movie with a mix of science fiction and horror without a lot of blood involved, check out this movie.

Body Count: 4


Deadpool…Could Scar You.

Hello everyone! Now, I know, I’m a wrestling blog.  But, I figure, since wrestling is a form of entertainment, that I branch out.  And what better than to step out and review some non-wrestling things.  Just some of my thoughts about…


If you HAVEN’T seen this movie…turn back now.  Thar be spoilers ahead…


Let’s start with the INCREDIBLY OBVIOUS…this movie isn’t for children.  Heck, it’s probably not for anyone under the age of 21. It’s that vulgar.  But, that’s what we’ve come to expect from Deadpool. Deadpool is a fourth-wall breaking merc with a mouth.  And it certainly came across here.  Now, I’m not an expert on cinematography. But, I do appreciate things for what they are.  Yes, there are some bad films out there.  But, Deadpool is not one of those films.

I liked the jumping around in the timelines.  It added a little something on the screen that I usually only find in books.  And it did well to tell the story of Wade Wilson.  How he became the crater faced man that has incredible regenerative ability.  Which is another thing that the movie showed off well.  Not just the fact that Wilson could fill in holes after getting shot through and through.  The fact that he regenerated his entire hand after cutting it off himself really drives home his regenerative powers.  Though, how long did it take him to get his hand fully formed again?

The film has a great pace, especially at the end with the battle at the airship.  I wish they would have done a little more with Negasonic Teenage Warhead.  Maybe let her have a crack at Deadpool on the bridge instead of letting Colossus be the one to handle him.  Yes, I know she’s an apprentice.  But, she should have just used that teenage angst and whopped him a good one.

As for our villains and sidekicks, I felt that we got more of just Francis…Ajax…Francis than we did anyone else.  I kinda wanted to more about Angel Dust.  Like why she was still behind Francis…Ajax…Francis.  Meanwhile, Weasel and Blind Al were just there to help Deadpool advance the story along. Like they don’t really have their own moments. Then there’s Vanessa.  I love that she’s woven into the story throughout, even when Deadpool hadn’t seen her in over a year, he’s still holding on to her.  It’s sweet, and I’m glad that they didn’t kill her off like I was expecting.

There has been a sequel announced, and I kinda want to see a different side of Deadpool.  But, it’s still WAY too early to speculate what will happen in the second movie.  But, if it’s going to be anything like this one, I’m going to be looking forward to it.

In the end, I would recommend Deadpool to anyone who doesn’t get easily offended.  Be like Deadpool.  Staring down the loaded gun that is cancer, he still was able to make wisecracking jokes.  We should all take that mentality and apply that to our lives.  Life is much too short to take seriously.  But, keep it appropriate to your audience.

That’s all I’ve got for you folks.  Stick around, and there’ll be some more reviews in the future.  Until next time, I am The Baumeister, and I have been obediently yours.