Silent Hill: The Beginning of a Journey

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another video game review! This time, it’s a game that I did actually beat in 2019, and that is:

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Ok, so the only gripe I have about this game is the default control scheme.  I know that tank controls, as they are called, were a thing back in the late 90s and early 2000s for early 3D games, but they really are cumbersome to get used to.  Since I was playing the game in chunks, and at about monthly intervals, it would almost take a full episode to get used to moving again.  It would lead to me to having some issues as well, since I would try to figure out what would be better to move with, the D-Pad or the analog stick.  That being said, I do think that this game would do well with an updated control scheme, as long as any remake would keep what made this game so good.  Oh wait, apparently they already remade this game…sort of.

Control issues aside, I really loved playing through this game.  The story was very well paced, and there was enough of the supplementary information that we could either pick up and read or examine off of the walls of the various set pieces.  I really did enjoy the bouncing back and forth between the “light” and “dark” worlds, each with their own different atmosphere.  The controls made it getting it a bit harder to make it around some of the interior areas of the “dark” world, but that’s a minute thing with an issue that I’ve already covered a paragraph ago.

Also, the music is pretty good.  There are a few times while playing when the music starts to pick up as I was wandering around the town which started to get me on my proverbial toes.  Then again, I’ve enjoyed the music from the first three games (When I had bought Silent Hill 4: The Room, it contained a CD of the music from Silent Hill 3, and I really enjoyed the music then). It’s one thing to be running around and hearing the static pick up on our radio, but it’s another thing entirely when there is accompanying music that adds to the dread of finding something that will either hop out of the darkness or the fog.

I highly recommend this game to anyone that hasn’t played this game, or this series, and want to start out with the beginning.  There are a lot of religious overtones that are woven throughout the game’s story, but they serve more as an explanation as to why one character does what she does.  I’m looking forward to playing through the rest of the available games in the series in the coming future.

Thank you for reading.  Until the next time we meet again, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, as always, obediently yours.



Resident Evil 2 Remake: Leon’s Story

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Hello everyone and welcome back to another video game review.  This time, it’s for Leon’s Story of Resident Evil 2.  And for those who haven’t played the game yet…

I completed my first runthrough of Leon’s story on March 21, 2019.

Now, I’m not a big fan of shooting mechanics in video games.  I’m not just not that great at them.  While the combat in this game is a key feature, what helps me enjoy this game is a combination of the puzzles plus the whole running for your life aspect.  From this man.

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Let me tell you, he is a terrifying aspect to this game.  From the moment that he makes his first (visual) appearance moving the flaming helicopter out of the way, until the very final boss fight, he’s a menace that simply cannot be stopped.  Stunned, yes.  De-hatted (is that even an word?), yes.  But not stopped.  And that’s what so great about Mr. X/Tyrant.  He stomps around the various maps (primarily the Police Station), trying everything in his power to take us out.  Granted, there are some places that we can hide out from him (I hung out in the Clock Tower for minutes waiting for him to finally go away), but once he finds you, it’s an all out hunt until you get far enough away from him.

Another thing that really got me were the small amount of jumpscares that they used, primarily with the different versions of G.  There were a couple of times where G stuck his mutated appendages out when I was least expecting them (more often or not during a cutscene) and scared the ever-living daylights out of me.  To the point where my family above me went “what the heck?” when I came upstairs a short time later.

For those who have played the original RE2 and are looking for a slightly altered experience from what you remember, go ahead and check this game out.  I definitely enjoyed it, and I hope that you do to.  Now that I’ve got Leon’s story done, I’m going to dive into Claire’s story, and see how different it is from playing Leon.

Until next time, I am the Baumeister, and I have been, obediently yours.

Kingdom Hearts III: The Power of Friendship

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Holy. Cow.  Hello everyone, I am the Baumeister, and welcome to my review of Kingdom Hearts III.  Original completion date is March 8, 2019.

What an experience.  This game is a roller coaster of emotions and while I would like to have a little less cutscenes in my games overall, most of the cutscenes in the game are important to the story that the game is trying to tell us.  And it works out.  And there are also a lot of emotions in this game.  I about flat out bawled at the very end of the game, and while there are a lot of emotional moments, there are also a lot of questions left unanswered.

However, while I do want everyone to experience this game, and the series as a whole, I must now hit you with a…

Because I don’t feel like I could give a good review of this game without spoiling a few things.  You have been warned.


One of the things that I thought was nice about this game was the addition of the gummyphone.  Since there were very little ways of communicating between worlds (and since the gummy ship communication is outdated now I guess?), it made a nice addition to our menu.  It also held a bunch of our side information, like bestiary, glossary, and how much we have collected over the course of the game (more on that in a minute).  Plus, unless one is going after 100% completion, the gummyphone isn’t a required item to use.  I could almost say that one can go through the entire game without having to open the gummyphone once.  Which is good.

On the other hand though, collecting things can be a bit of a pain in the rear end sometime.  And that’s more with the Lucky Emblems over treasure chests and ingredients.  There were a couple of times that I was in the hunt for a Lucky Emblem, and I would struggle with the right angle to get it (a good example of this would be the Lucky Emblem in the tram tunnel in San Fransokyo).  Then, there’s the AI when it comes to collecting the collectibles.  While getting them can be one thing, it’s the never ending dialogue that Donald and Goofy spit out when it comes to FINDING said collectible.  While Goofy and the Lucky Emblems didn’t happen too often while I was playing through, both Donald and Goofy would constantly comment on whether or not there would be an ingredient in the area, no matter if I’m even close to the ingredient or not.

I do love that, for the most part, we get a wrap-up of the ENTIRE convoluted mess that we had gotten with ALL of the games, from the two previously numbered, 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, Dream Drop Distance, and Cross.  There are some points that are a little hazy at times, plus the whole Maleificent and Pete looking for a black box story just feels…there (even though we see them for a brief second during the final main cutscene).  But, we get reunions for all of the other trio tandems (Terra, Aqua and Ventas/Axel, Roxas and Xias), and I will admit that there were times that I would tear up at certain plot points.  I hope that there are a lot of dedicated Kingdom Hearts players that would be the same way throughout the series.  I love getting emotionally invested in a story, and being able to see it through to the very end.

Kingdom Hearts is a series that I spend almost half of my life playing again and again, by myself and with other people.  I highly recommend at least starting the series at Kingdom Hearts 1, and going from there if the game catches your interest.  I’ve heard talk of DLC for the game, and I’ll be keeping my eye on that as plans develop.

But, until next time, I am the Baumeister, and as always, I have been…obediently yours.

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Final Fantasy II: An Outlier That Doesn’t Really Fit

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Hello everyone, I am the Baumeister! It has been some time since I’ve done a video game review.  And ever since I’ve gone and started putting up videos on my YouTube channel, writing has taken a bit of a backseat.  But, since it’s 2019, I figure I would try to pick this back up and dust off some of the skills that I don’t use as much anymore.  So, for video games, I will be reviewing games that I have beaten in 2019, whether I have recorded it for the channel, or not (there’s a few games that I’m pretty close to beating, but I haven’t recorded for the channel).  And speaking of games that I have beaten in 2019…

Final Fantasy II is a bit of a black sheep (as much of a black sheep for a game series that is only connected in name only) in the game series with it’s take on the leveling up system.  In most of the other numbered Final Fantasy systems, leveling up is based on gaining experience points.  In Final Fantasy II however, the party levels up by the actions that they take.  There are no actual levels in Final Fantasy II.  Instead, if you, the player, uses physical attacks with the team of characters, the team will raise their attack and other related skills.  The same thing will happen if the party uses magic, or gets attacked.  Sounds good…in theory.  However, because it’s an early-era Final Fantasy game, there are a lot of bugs.

For example, we can attack our own party members in the game (for reasons), and in doing so, we can easily raise our HP up (there’s a certain HP percentage that we have to lose in battle for the stat to increase).  However, the same thing can’t necessarily be said for MP.  MP, like HP, has to have a certain percentage lost in order to raise the stat.  Which is all fine and dandy, but unless we are specifically training for MP increases, that stat gets neglected.  For example, my mage user didn’t have more than 400 MP at the end of the game, and that included a dedicated MP training session at the very end of the game.

Speaking about the end of the game, it took me over the course of a week to record the last batch of episodes.  What doesn’t help in Final Fantasy II is that not only that the final dungeon set is long, but after a certain point in the final dungeon, Pandaemonium, it’s a point of no return.  So it’s all or nothing.  Which is a pain because the item management system is awful in this game (63 item slots total, and 21% of those items are permanent fixtures in the bag at the end of the game), and if you’re like me, I keep a few extra weapons and armor in my inventory in any game to swap things out (a bit of a hoarder, if you will).

So, now that I’ve gone over the majority of the bad things, I do want to touch on something that I did enjoy.  That is the story.  Sure, it’s more or less a re-hashing of the previous game’s story (chosen youths saving the world), but this one was different.  Instead of crystals that we need to interact with to get to our next chosen destination, we get to take on an Empire that is on the cusp of taking over this world.  And man do they come close.  To the point where they raze down several towns that resisted.  Throughout the story, our three main characters gain and lose the fourth party member, and that’s a nice touch that I haven’t seen too much in other Final Fantasy games.  Granted, I haven’t played IV, V, and IX; and it’s been a long while since I’ve played VI and VIII to know if we flat out lose party members.  But, that’s what I think made the story.  To permanently lose our party members over the course of the game made me invested in the story, even though we never actually lose one during the course of battle.

For my final breakdown: Final Fantasy II is a game that I would recommend to be played if you are wanting to experience all of the games in the Final Fantasy series.  Do not get me wrong, the game itself is good for Famicom era standards.  But, the game simply has not aged well.  I do appreciate my time playing through this game, and now that I’ve played through this game once, I would be willing to go back through and try it again with an more experienced point of view.

If you want to check out my playthrough of Final Fantasy II, click here, or go check out others by searching Final Fantasy II.  This is just the first of hopefully many games I will attempt to beat in 2019.  Until next time, for the conclusion of another game, I am the Baumeister, and I have been…obediently yours.

A Quiet Place: A Full Body Anxiety Attack

File:A Quiet Place film poster.png

This.  This movie.  Ever since I first heard about this movie, I’ve been wanting to see it, but putting other projects ahead of watching this movie (and movies in general) ahead of time.  Until today.  I went ahead and watch this after I had gotten off of work.  And man, am I kicking myself for waiting.  This…this movie is a full body experience waiting to happen.  I almost fell off the couch early in the movie because I was so invested in what I was watching that when a certain point happened, it startled me.  And that’s what I want to have in a horror movie.  I don’t want to have blood squirting in all directions.  I don’t want to sit through the endless stereotypes and cliches that have become associated with horror.  I want to experience something different…something unique.  And that’s what we get here in A Quiet Place.

A lot of what I enjoyed in this movie is the never ending feeling of dread.  There were several times where I would stop and pause the movie to try to get over the anxiety I was feeling as I was watching through the movie.  And that’s what I want in a horror film nowadays.  I had the same sort of feelings when I watching Hush.  I greatly appreciate all of the sound direction choices that were made throughout the course of the film.  From the lack of music, to the focus on the ambient sounds of the world around them; each and every sound (or lack of sound choice) really helped make this movie great.

Now, there are a few things about this movie’s world that I’m questioning about.  Like how did they figure out that sand is the best material to absorb sound? Or where they got all of that sand from? However, those questions don’t detract from the movie…more just my brain wanting to learn more.  Even the origin of the creatures is left a mystery, but is hinted at throughout the course of the movie through background materials.  Which is great for those keen-eyed viewers.

All in all, the movie is great.  I highly recommend watching it, especially late at night, with the lights off and the house still.  If you’re like me, you might almost get scared off the couch or bed once or twice too.

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